Gluten Free has kept me pain free!!! (I don’t care what other people say!)

I tell you I really have been on a glorious journey thus far after being completely gluten free for almost 3 years! The extreme back pain vanished, the sinus infections are non existent, and my thinking is clearer than ever before! I smile more than i think I ever have since i was a small baby and I feel so good after eating now! No more heavy, sleepy, irritable, painful days for me! ( I do want to make a note that i eat meat so i am not a vegan i am just gluten free!) And now I am dating someone who is a CHEF, has went gluten free as well (she has thyroid disease which i believe eating gluten free has helped her immensely as well), and whom cares about my health as well as her own! I will be posting videos as well as photos/recipes for extravagant Gluten Free Meals that she cooks that honestly are high end restaurant level! I look forward to sharing and updating this new journey with you! Thank you!

Queen of Gluten Free





Gluten free reviews Likes and Dislikes


Hi! This video is of reviews I did on some of my favorite and NOT so favorite Gluten Free products during my journey, as i have Celiac and live a strict life of healthy eating (sometimes I cheat but not with gluten sugar is my drug of choice lol). Also I am striving to cut down on my Milk (cow) intake because of harmful CASEIN. If You have any questions on the products specifically or want me to try one just let me know 🙂 I am doing this because I know how hard it is to find quality Gluten free products that don’t taste like cardboard or ends up being junk food. Enjoy and good luck!

Cross Contamination- A BIG ISSUE for Celiacs in New York!


Okay so i am finding it hard to find restaurants or bars to find food i can eat and isn’t cross contaminated. There really needs to be a required food or such that is gluten free. Because i am really at a point where eating out scares me. Right now i am hurting from Acid Reflux, cramps, and nausea. I had a seafood salad at a bar in The Financial District. So frustrating I commit to finding an answer for these issues!


Gluten Free Fun


Gluten Free Fun

Woke up this morning and did my yoga and had my protein drink then went to make some YOGI tea which is my favorite tea but lately some of the teas i find it hard to drink like i AVOID drinking them so i went online and found out no wonder!!! My body must of been sending me signals to NOT drink my Calming tea because yep you guessed it! It is made with Organic Barley aka GLUTEN! I found this website with more info on my Yogi teas and i am passing it on to you my friends! Only 4 of their specific teas have Barley/gluten the rest should be safe! Take care and Happy SUMMER! XOXO

The Best of NY GLUTEN FREE *(Jennifer’s Way Bakery)*


Today while in the East Village I had a chance to check out Jennifer Esposito’s quaint Gluten Free bakery. It is located at 263 East 10th St. between 1st Ave and Ave A. As I walked up to this cute little bakery, I suddenly became so excited.You see, I have not found a gluten free bakery yet that fulfills my own personal taste bud needs. I am extremely picky about my sweets and since becoming Celiac I have struggled profoundly with finding any guilty pleasures. As I walked in, there were 3 people ordering and it seemed as though they already knew what they wanted. You can see the baker (Mrs. Esposito) and her sidekicks baking away making cupcakes, cookies, and other yummy treats. I purchased a Vegan/Gluten Free Devils Food Cake Cupcake. ………….Well It was Delicious Folks! Hard to believe someone has finally gotten it right! Tastes just like the old days when I used to Down Chocolate cupcakes for fun just because I could and because they tasted OH SO GOOD! Every part of it from the texture, taste, and frosting was heavenly. I am so happy to have found a bakery that makes being COMPLETELY Gluten Free important and also doesn’t use refined sugar or any of that other bad stuff (other than gluten), and prides its name on being tasty.


So because I have found this Diamond in the Rough, I want to share Jennifer’s Way with you and so I will be doing a Video Blog of my 2nd visit there, Trying their other delicious items and maybe interview Jennifer and her hard working sidekicks as well! Thank you Jennifer for bringing more awareness to our Disease to the world and opening your completely Gluten Free Bakery (of sweet goodness)! Check out Jennifer’s Blog